Like a Jet-Fueled Mariposa by Mabelle Reynoso & Alvaro Saar Rios - produced by TEATRX as part of their 5th annual La Vida Es Cortos festival - 2023 - Rhett Martinez - Director

619 Hendricks by Josie Nericcio - produced by STAGES as part of their annual Sin Muros Festival - 2023

Rhett Martinez - Director

BOB: A Life in Five Acts by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb - produced by Firecracker Productions - 2022

Rhett Martinez - Director

In 2004, Sammi and our friend, Jennifer Bugler, wanted to produce this play in order to showcase the work of some of the amazing women we knew in Houston. They asked me to direct it and we rented out the Midtown Art Center--that classic, Houston venue that so many of us remember fondly (and sometimes not so fondly). We rehearsed in my classroom at Lamar High School (I can still remember the joys of removing every single desk at the beginning of each evening, and then returning every single desk at the end of the night.) We sold cheap tickets, sold even cheaper wine and beer at intermission, and managed to break even by the end of the run. At the time, that was my idea of success in show business!